Welcome to LS-Innovations

(GbR with Bruno S. Lederer & Leon D. Stark)

Research and development, as well as distribution for technical, medical, biological, chemical tools, and processes.

Who we are

Bruno S. Lederer


Bruno Lederer is an executive partner of the Lederer-Stark Innovations GbR. His interest in DIY-Biology originates from his passion for (longevity-)research. One of his main goals is to make science more accessible, on the legal as well as on the financial side, and motivate DIY-scientists of every age to get involved.

Leon D. Stark


Leon Stark, one of the two founding members, is fond of the field of chemistry. Through his participation in many contests and events focused on DIY-sciences he wants to facilitate the ability to work on this passion.

What we do


Facilitating innovation

Innovation starts with the development of new tools and processes, which represent the foundation of progress
Therefore, our aim is to do research in the fields of these tools and processes.


Making science affordable

In order for everybody to take part in this innovation, reasonable pricing of our products is very important for us. This way, we want to enable everyone to draw profit from science conducted with our products.


For public interest

All of our projects have one thing in common: They were started to allow for science to improve our overall situation. Thus, focus lays on products within the sectors Chemistry, Technology, Biology.

What we offer





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